The CREATEC company performs research services in the of research of material properties according to PN, PN-EN and PN-EN ISO. We offer the realization of research services in the most comprehensive and professional, by cooperating with leading scientific centers in Poland and the research infrastructure available in the Incubator in Stalowa Wola.
We offer the ability to perform research in the following areas:
1. Material research in the field:
• Research in the field of micro- and macro- structures using SEM, TEM and optical microscopes
• Research of mechanical properties carried out in a lowered and elevated temperature
• Fatigue tests
• Analysis of chemical composition
• Analysis of gas sorption
• Phase analysis
• Research of phase transformation temperature using DSC methods
• Selection or develop materials for dedicated applications
• Flaw detection tests, including magnetic and X-ray penetration
2. Electrochemical and corrosion research:
• Corrosion protection testing
• Assessment of the quality of galvanic coatings
3. The use of optical systems and 3D laser scanning to:
• The development of models to numerical simulation
• Creating of 3D documentation
4. Use of 2D and 3D tomography systems in the field:
• semi-final and final quality control (internal structure, shape and dimensions
5. Use of thermal imaging cameras to:
• Identify of thermal field distribution
• Identify of thermal losses in various type of instalation
• Evaluation of the electrical installations
6. Application of computer modeling and numerical simulation
Of our research services have already benefited many companies and research centers, whose satisfaction is the best reference for us.