3D tomography is a type of X-ray spectroscopy and diagnostic method that allows to obtain images of the layered object. It uses making the projection of the object, taken from different directions to form cross-sectional(2D) and three-dimensional (3D) images. The creation of tomographic image consists in measuring the absorption of radiation passing through the object and falling on the the detector. The volume of the object is divided into small cells, called voxels, where a linear absorption coefficient of the radiation is the same. The reconstructed image is a cross-sectional quantitative map of the linear absorption coefficient of radiation in voxels, included in the scanned layer. The distribution of the absorption of radiation coefficients is calculated by the computer. The CT methods found is used in:
– metrological tasks, with particular emphasis on measuring the shape and dimensions (comparison of the measurement object with the CAD model)
– flaw detection (search for cracks, discontinuities, inclusions, porosity)
– reverse engineering
– dedicated analyzes.
We offer measurements be made using methods of industrial computed tomography and comprehensive analysis of the results. Our capabilities are extremely wide – we cooperate with centers having nano- and mikro- tomography and industrial CT scanners, which allow the realization of large-size measurements. Analyses are performed using VGStudio Max or Avizo 3D software’s. Basd on the Open Source software, which is constantly being developed by users of CT around the world, we are able to realize a dedicated analysis n request as well as to develop special modules to automate measurement procedures and data analysis for specific pre-defined problems.
Our task should also advice on the selection of nano-mikrotomografów and industrial scanners for specific applications and support the implementation of the purchasing process.
Below are example of our projects:

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