We offer a wide range of training and courses in:
1. Preparations of samples, taking photos and analysis of the result of research micro- and macrostructure, performed with use of SEM, TEM and optical microscopes:
– nickel super alloys and special steels
– carbon steel and alloy steel
– aluminium alloys
– copper alloys
– titanium alloys
2. 3D scanning, including:
– basics of metrology
– Explanation of the essence of the techniques of 3D scanning and photogrammetry.
– learn to use 3D scanner.
– Interpretation, analysis and utilization of the results of 3D scanning
3. Computer tomography, including:
– basics of metrology
– explanation of the essence of techniques of computed tomography,
– learn to use industrial CT scanner,
– Interpretation, analysis and utilization of research results CT.
4. Research specific groups of materials, including:
– Nickel super alloys and special steels,
– Carbon steel and alloy steel,
– Aluminum alloy.
– Copper alloys,
– Titanium alloys.
Please contact us and we will process dedicated training, especially for you !! We also address the development of the training program in the field of materials science, metallurgy, plastic processing and modern manufacturing systems, for the individual order, according to the preferences of the most demanding customers. Training is conducted by the country’s top experts in the field, derived both from scientific and research centers and leading companies in the automotive, aerospace, plastics and many others.