systemy eksperckie
Computer expert systems are designed and built by an interdisciplinary team of specialists, automation engineers and technologists. These systems are focused on technology design, selection of tools and equipment, supervision and improvement of operating and supporting process control.
In particular, expert systems provide access to reliable data from the knowledge base, limitations and criteria and process data, their analysis and expert reasoning based on models developed. They are dedicated mainly to special and complex processes which are difficult to monitor by the classical modules MRP / ERP and MES.
Expert systems support implementation of special technological processes in ensuring the required quality of products in a situation where it is impossible to control them based on the results of the current control blanks. They solve the problems of reducing instability both in terms of their variability and extraordinary (emergency) and explain the causes of adverse events. Analysis of process data and dedicated models of cause-and-effect relationships enable you to deploy corrective actions and the related improvement.
The another group of expert tasks is to control the complex processes, which in terms of resource planning and scheduling of production are not possible to handle the classical systems MRP / ERP due to the change in the order of production units in the processing line and need to organize homogeneous campaign justified by technical, technological and qualitative . The objective function to control them is the timing and completeness of execution of orders.
Implemented systems we can qualify as a dedicated advisory real-time systems. The elements of these systems are the interfaces for data exchange with automation devices and other information systems, eg. SAP and tracking production unit systems, built in the framework of projects or included as elements of the existing MES.
Expert systems designed and implemented by a team uses the latest tools and technologies. As part of the process based on standard SCADA recognized manufacturers. One of them is the SCADA „zenon” system from COPA-DATA. It is highly scalable, allowing to easily attach to it a dedicated software modules. This allows you to extend the functionality of the system and adapt it to your needs. Dedicated software part of the expert system is created in the technology and .net with the use of tools of Microsoft Visual Studio (C #, VB, F #), dedicated tools for MS SQL Server, and specialized display libraries and data processing.

Functionalities of the systems:
1. Collection of reliable data in real time, with eliminating errors and delays introduced by man – monitoring the processes and results of inter-operational control and final.
2. Collecting feedback from downstream processing and operational data.
3. Analysis, data visualization and decision support operating with the use of statistical methods, SPC, etc.
4. Modeling and simulation of processes aimed at forecasting the quality of products.
5. Process simulation focused on the planning of orders and production scheduling.
6. Process control, stability-oriented parameters, eliminating the variability of emergency and reducing the volatility of the standard.
7. Monitoring the condition and status of equipment, instrumentation and measurement systems.
8. Determination of the key characteristics of processes.
9. Analysis of archival data and developing applications for process improvement.
10. Working out and sending automatic warning signals.
11. The construction of the knowledge base, based on historical data, which is necessary to create mechanisms for the reasoning supporting the decision-making processes.

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