Based on the experience of our team, we offer support in engineering design with the use of market-leading CAD / CAM / CAE software. Our employees wanting to best meet the expectations of customers, constantly improving their skills by participating in certified training courses. Our extensive experience in designing in CAD software and solve complex engineering problems using methods of numerical modeling and simulation is reflected in the complexity of services and professionalism. We support the customer in solving problems arising at each stage of the design process.
We offer comprehensive design services, combined with the implementation of tasks for reverse engineering using 3D scanning and 3D printing and manufacturing of numerical analysis forming processes, eg. stamping, rotary forming, extrusion, forging and casting. We cooperate with developers of CAD / CAM / CAE software and developers of dedicated software modules and plug-ins (plug-ins), developed on customers request.
Additional support for the implementation of the tasks of CAD / CAM / CAE are computer expert systems, which for years we designing and successfully implement in many enterprises.