Based on the experience of team members, we offer a fully professional technological audits in the field of casting of metals, in particular precision casting process using lost wax casting method, sand mold casting and permanent mold casting. In terms of support and development of casting technologies we offer:

1. Design of casting technology (precision casting process, sand mold casting process, low- and high- pressure casting)
– preparation of castings prototype ( for metals, their alloys, plastics and wax casting)
– numerical modeling process (development of database of materials, development of the model, the execution of simulation)
– choice of the interoperation and final heat treatment method)
– design and implementation of testing process of technology
2. Realization of material research in the field:
– micro and macro structures using SEM, TEM and optical microscopes
– strength tests
– fatigue tests
– analysis of cause of failure of casting components
3. Use of optical systems and laser scanning to:
– development of models to numerical simulations
– preparation of 3D documentation
– semi-final and final quality control
4. Use of 2D and 3D tomography systems in the field:
– semi-final and final quality control (internal structure, shape and dimensions)
5. Use of 3D printing techniques to:
– production of die inserts
– validation of machining
– Production of devices for fixing forgings in CNC machines.
6. The development of computer expert systems, enabling:
– collection of reliable data in real time with eliminating errors and delays
– collection of feedback data from downstream processing
– analysis, visualization of data and support of operating decision with use of statistical methods, SPC etc.
In our work we use the most modern tools such as: 3D scanning, tomography, thermal vision and numerical simulation. In terms of improvement and development of casting technologies we work with many renowned scientific centers – domestic and foreign.

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