In cooperation with renowned research centers, we develop expertise and opinions about innovation in the field of forming processes, casting, machining, plastics processing and fabrication of composites.
The main problems which a CREATEC team faced previously were:
– Identification of the causes of failure of a different types of machines and equipment
– Identification of the causes of pipes and heat exchanger components corrosion
– The development of heat treatment, improving of blank plasticity in sheet forming processes
– The development of heat treatment, improving operational properties of machine elements and construction
– Selection of the materials for dedicated applications
– Improvement or development of new, improved manufacturing technologies
– Designing of tools used in the process of forging, casting and machining.

We also make professional analysis of laboratory market equipment and we provide support during the implementation process of purchasing equipment such as: CT scanners, 3D scanners, 3D printers and other.
You do not know what device you need? Come to us!!!
In a professional manner, we taking into account all relevant factors, we will choose them for You!!!

As we can combine science and business perfectly, we can find a scientific partner with competence to carry out joint research project or to make opinion on innovativeness, needed in the application process for founding in new perspective in Horyzont 2020.